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Interior & Exterior Detailing

Bring out the best in your vehicle’s interior and exterior with our detail-oriented process. Plenty of packages to choose from.

Interior Detail

About Interior Detailing

Interiors are delicate and can require rather rigorous attention to detail. I start with the simple, obvious contamination, vacuuming up rocks and dirt, dusting the surfaces of your console and dashboard, and cleaning fingerprints, residue, and other grime from glass. All that remains after this step is what must be corrected and protected.

Stain Removal and Surface Protection - All the harmful and offensive odors and allergens you notice about your ride get removed during this final stage of interior vehicle detailing. From cloth and carpeting to leather and vinyl, I utilize industry-verified sanitization practices and shampooing to lift the source of odors from your cab. To finish your interior detailing service here at Auto Reflections, a surface protectant is applied to all areas.

About Exterior Detailing

Hand Washing Exteriors - Even the starting point for the exterior vehicle detailing packages here at Auto Reflections are more intricate than a public car wash. I start by using a safe two bucket hand wash process, one which prevents the cross-contamination of grimy wastewater and fresh, soapy water. During this process, I ensure that all areas have been washed and rinsed.


The Clay-Bar Decontamination Process - Clay-bar decontamination is a remarkable step in my exterior detailing process. By rubbing a clay bar across all exterior surfaces, any contamination that remained following my two-bucket hand wash stage is agitated from your surface safely, sticking to the clay before simply being wiped away.

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