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Paint Correction

When paint correction is performed by a professional, it will leave your vehicle looking better than it did when you originally purchased it! We recommend having a ceramic coating installed after a paint correction to keep the finish! Check out our Ceramic Coating Service Page! 1 Stage Polish Included with all Coating Packages.

Black Modern Car


If you have ever patronized a public car wash, you likely have some form of paint swirls on your vehicle’s surface. These are the result of abrasive washing and scrubbing techniques, most inflicted by soft touch public car washes, and are a series of small scratches in a spiderweb pattern on your vehicle’s clear coat.

Light Surface Scratches

Some of the most common paint defects that the paint correction packages here Auto Reflections correct are light surface scratches. These often result from some type of road hazard, any abrasive material rubbed against your painted surfaces in a parking lot, or even yard equipment falling onto your ride in the garage.


You know as a driver that at one point or another, you have to drive in adverse weather here in North Carolina. From the potential of slush and snow to the exposure your paintwork has to bird droppings, bug splatters, and tree sap, the environmental and chemical contamination lurking around every corner tends to stain unprotected paintwork.

Acid Rain 

Etching is a type of defect that results from exposure to acid rain. Droplets from the sky have grit and grime in it, and once your vehicle is completely coated in rainwater beads, they dry to your exterior surfaces and can create a cloudy, scuffed look on your finish that then must be corrected with paint restoration processes.

67 Camaro Being Corrected before a ceramic coating. Original Paint
95 Camaro Z28 3 stage correction
Corvette Corrected and Protected with Max Ceramic Coating
55 Bel Air Corrected and Protected
69 Camaro with 1 stage polish and max ceramic coating
Stacked Tires

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